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All you need to create an action RPG game, the Gamepack features sprites destined for instant us !

The pack comes with A Hero character (64x64 px) featuring 6 animations that are:

  • Walking down
  • Walking up
  • Walking right (reverse for left)
  • Hitting down
  • Hitting up
  • Hitting right (reverse for left)

4 foes (40x40 px) with animations that are:

  • Knight walking
  • Warlock Walking
    • Warlock Casting magic
    • Bandit Walking
    • Bandit htting
    • Slime walking

Over 200 parts tileset (32x32px) to let you create variety and build up your levels

The zip file contains both pngs and psds,

Hope you will enjoy this pack, you can see other gamepacks under my profile page :)


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

64x64 RPG gamepack.zip 292 kB


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This is a nice set but reading this i thought that if the Hero was 64x64 then the rest of the tile set would also be 64x64. That is not the case only the hero is 64x64 the other sprites are a mix of 40x40 and 32x32 all on sprite sheets,. To use in the game engines i use. It will require extra work to separate all sprites into individual sprites.  It would be nicer if the sprites were separate and ready to use.  Having said that i still rate this set as well worth the price. I will put in some extra work myself to get the sprites set up for my own use.  over all good set and good price. I will buy more from this creator.

Oh hi there C4t51k, My bad, it is my fault, i did not mention it in the description, I will do it now, thanks much.

If you didn't separate the 40x40/32x32 sprites yet, I can do it it for you, 

And sorry again for the inconvenience  

All good its a great asset pack. It only took a little time to set it up in asperite to be imported as individual sprites.  For the quality  at such a low price i think its a great deal. Im very happy and will get some more assets from you in future.  I like your style and it would of taken me many many hrs to draw something similar. Thanks again and good work i recommend these sprites to others.